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Postcards Home | Ingrid Pollard

Book relating to an individual, 2004
Published by: Autograph/Chris Boot Ltd
Year published: 2004
Number of pages: 128
ISBN: 0-9542813-5-7

image of Postcards Home | Ingrid Pollard

Substantial, hard back artist’s book providing a substantial overview of the work of Ingrid Pollard. The book was a collaboration between Autograph - the Association of Black Photographers and Chris Boot Ltd and was published in 2004. Lavishly and extensively illustrated, the book also featured text by Pollard, reflecting on her distinctive photographic practice that took her to many different parts of the UK, and elsewhere in the world, and featured a number of her portraits, her friends, and others with whom Pollard came into contact with, during the course of her life and work.

A distinct biographical narrative ran through much of Postcards Home | Ingrid Pollard. In the first section of the book - Looking Back at Ways of Working, Pollard wrote “After leaving home I went to live in a house which was part of a short-life housing squat in Penge, South London. Photography was now a part of my life and I remember the solitary feeling of making prints in the temporary darkroom rigged up in the kitchen, with the BBC World Service as company. Photography was also a social activity for me on the many communal holidays in Cumbria, or by the sea, or photographing other workers and the animals whilst we worked at the Crystal Palace Zoo.”

The first photoraphs in the book are portraits of performers on and offstage, and included Maya Angelkou and Alice Walker.Also included in this section were photographs of demonstrations in New York and London. The following sections of the book feature a number of Pollard’s distinctive series of work, and contributions to exhibitions such as Landscape Trauma. The final two pages of the book offer a chronology of Pollard’s work from 1987 onwards; her exhibitions, her catalogues, her photographic series, and an important bibliography. This CV, together with the extensive illustrations throughout the book, make Postcards Home | Ingrid Pollard a singular, substantial, and invaluable introduction to the work of this Guyana-born, London-based artist and photographer.


Looking Bacxk at Ways of Working
Pastoral Interlude
Oceans Apart
Seaside Series
Wordsworth Heritage
Hiden Histories, Heritage Stories
Self Evident
Bursting Stone
Landscape Trauma
The Boy Who Watches the Ships Go By

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