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Disrupted Borders : An intervention in definitions of boundaries - book

Book relating to an exhibition, 1993
Published by: Rivers Oram Press
Year published: 1993
Number of pages: 222

image of Disrupted Borders : An intervention in definitions of boundaries - book

Slightly larger than A5 portrait soft cover publication/Full colour with illustrations throughout printed on pearlised paper/222 pages/publication produced to accompany the Disrupted Borders exhibition.

Title: Disupted Borders: An intervention in definitions of boundaries
Edited by Sunil Gupta
Cover image 1993, Jorma Puranen
First published in 1993 by Rivers Oram Press
ISBN 1 85489 045 X © Sunil Gupta, 1993. The articles and illustrations are copyright © 1993, the artists and authors. Distrupted Borders is an OVA/INIVA initiative with a touring exhibition in colloboration with Arnolfini, Bristol and The Photographers’ Gallery, London

Introduction - Sunil Gupta
1: A Struggle for Democracy - Shahidul Alum
12: The New Europe - Stuart Hall
21: Interventions - Carol Condé and Karl Beveridge
27: Re-Representing Russia - Diane Neumaier
42: The Railway as Rupture - Stephen Dodd - The Writings of Shimazaki Tàson
55: Off the Comprador Ladder - Hagiwara Hiroko - Tomiyama Taeko’s Work
69: Skinflicks: Lisa Reihana - Practices in Contemporary Maori Media
85: Desert Songs - Marian Pastor Roces - A Hanging (a Beheading)
96: Imaginary Homecoming - Jorma Puranen
104: Desperately Seeking the Dalai Lama - Clare Harris
115: Shame - Jamelie Hassan - From The Trilogy
118: Darrel Ellis - David Hirsh - On the Border of Family and Tribe
127: White Noise - Sutapa Biswas
133: Race and Gender? - Timon Screech - Human Categorisation in Japan
144: Camping Out - Monika Baker
150: Wild Mothers - Sheba Chhachhi - Khepis and Matajis
153: Surrender in Uniforms : Doug Ischar
159: Disturbances - Millie Wilson - From the Museum of Lesbian Dreams
166: The Flow of Water- Samena Rana
174: The Ladies Cabinet - Emily Anderson and Renée Tobe
186: An Authorative Voice - Claudine K Brown and Deborah Willis-Braithwaite - Establishing a National African American Museum
190: Pavilions of the Ego - Helen Grace - The Critic as Art Object
201: Are you Politically Correct? - Kaucyila Brooke
214: Visual AIDS: Robert Atkins - Or How to Have Art (Events)

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