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Back to Black: art, cinema and the racial imaginary

Review relating to an exhibition, 2005
Published by: Art Papers
Year published: 2005

image of Back to Black: art, cinema and the racial imaginary

2 sheets A4 portrait/colour copy from original/Review taken from Art Papers, issue 5, September - October 2005/page 59-60

Title: Back to Black: Art, Cinema and the Radical Imaginary
Author: Eddie Chambers
Review is accompanied by a photographic reproduction: Barkley L. Hendricks, Blood, 1975 - oil and acrylic on canvas, 183x127 cm (courtesy of ACA Galleries, New York)

Review of the large group exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery, London - From the text: “For the most part, Back to Black pays homage to the incredible and potent work of the Black Art(s) Movement from the mid 1960’s to the mid 1070s. Within the USA, this episode has previously been celebrated in exhibitions such as 19 Sixties: A Cultural Awakening Re-evaluated, 1965-1975 at the California Afro-American Museum in Los Angeles in 1989 and Tradition and Conflict: Images of a Turbulent Decade 1963 - 1973 at The Studio Museum in Harlem in 1985. Indeed, much of the fine art and photography in Back to Black had previously put in an appearance in one or both of these American exhibitions.”

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