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Art Monthly 288 | Steve McQueen

Article relating to an exhibition, 2005
Published by: Art Monthly
Year published: 2005

image of Art Monthly 288 | Steve McQueen

2 sheets A4 portrait/monochrome type with illustrations, original article still in magazine/review from Art Monthly, issue 288, July - August 2005, p.37-38

Title: Steve McQueen - Prada Foundation/Milan, April 12 to June 12
Author: Lucy Steeds

Article contains a photographic reproduction with the following caption: “Steve McQueen, Girls, Tricky, 2001- video still. From the article: “Pursuit offers respite from the nightmarish detail of the mine of Western Deep and a salve for the mental scars from mass suicide in Caribs’ Leap. After Charlotte and Girls, Tricky it offers space to reflect upon the absence of people, more than their presence.”

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Born, 1969 in London, UK

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