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an exhibition of drawings by Denzil Forrester

Solo show at Commonwealth Institute. 1986
Date: 4 April, 1986 until 28 April, 1986
Organiser: Commonwealth Institute

Exhibition of just over three weeks’ duration, of drawings by Denzil Forrester, at the Bhownagree Gallery of the Commonwealth Institute, Kensington High Street, London. The exhibition took place 4 - 28 April 1986, some three years after Forrester graduated from the Royal College of Art, London. There were 26 drawings and one painting in the exhibition, which ranged in price from £95 to £500 for the solitary painting. The brief text on the accompanying exhibition poster/brochure was as follows:

Denzil Forrester, who is originally from the West Indian island of Grenada, now lives and works in London. The contrast between grey, urbanised London and the colour of Grenada inspires him in his painting. Other influences include the London blues clubs that play Reggae music and the carnivals of Grenada with their crowds, noises and movements.

In his works are crowded images with spaces between them that at times echo the music of blues clubs and at other times are reminiscent of blue sky as seen through a green, leafy forest. Tranquil moments occurring within a complex and cluttered environment is a theme that runs throughout his paintings.”

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»  an exhibition of drawings by Denzil Forrester - poster/brochure

Brochure relating to an exhibition, 1986

People in this exhibition

»  Denzil Forrester

Born, 1956 in Grenada

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»  Commonwealth Institute

London, United Kingdom