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Group show at The Bluecoat Gallery. 2010
Date: 30 January, 2010 until 28 March, 2010
Curator: Sonia Boyce
Organiser: Bluecoat

Exhibited concurrently with Sonia Boyce’s Like Love Parts One & Two, Action was at the Bluecoat, 30/1/10 - 28/3/10. Curated by Boyce, the publicity for the exhibition claimed that Action and Boyce were ‘introducing’ a number of artists, though one of the four artists selected, Grace Ndiritu was by this time an accomplished and widely exhibited artist. The others in the Action exhibition were Beverley Bennett, Appau Boayke-Yiadom, and Robin Deacon.

Each of the artists had his/her own section of the gallery, presenting, as it were, four solo exhibitions. The exhibition marked an important opportunity for a number of the artists.

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»  Action

Announcement relating to an exhibition, 2010

People in this exhibition

»  Grace Ndiritu

Born, 1976

Exhibition venues

»  The Bluecoat Gallery

Liverpool, United Kingdom