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Ade Adekola

Born, 1966 in Nigeria

Ade Adekola was one of three artists in the 1996/7 exhibition at London Printworks Trust, ‘Pledge Allegiance to a Flag?’. From the catalogue: “Since finishing his post graduate studies, at the Architecture Association in 1992, Adekola’s work has crossed many disciplines: architecture, product design, technology innovation, medical sensors, engineering, electronics and computing.

In addition to this work Adekola has had articles published in New Scientist, presented papers on smart structures an dynamic systems and in 1994 received the Du Pont International Award for Innovation.

In response to the Pledge Allegiance to a Flag? brief, Adekola looked to responsive building systems and smart materials to construct an environment which would monitor viewers’ psychological responses to projected images and sound. The work questions the need for flags in 1996 as Adekola considers identity to be global, no longer defined by geography nor any one cultural or historical heritage.

Ade’s idea was developed by a group of individuals with skills in clinical research, photography, fine art and architecture, individually, and as a group, contributing to the development and production of the original idea. the group is Nick Clark, Tim Hardy, John Rees and Anthony Ward.”

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