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Steve McQueen - The Interview

Article relating to an individual, 2008
Published by: The Observer
Year published: 2008
Number of pages: 2

image of Steve McQueen - The Interview

2 Full page cutting from The Observer, Review-Cover Story, Sunday 12 October 2008 p.4 -5

Title: Steve McQueen | The Interview. Subtitle: He has won the Turner Prize, been a war artist in Iraq, and is campaigning to put the heads of dead British soldiers on stamps. Now Steve McQueen has made a harrowing film about the starving to death of IRA prisoner Bobby Sands, including a scene that moved him to tears on the set. Written by Sean O’Hagan

Article contains 4 individual portrait photographs by Jo Metson Scott accompanied by a quote from Steve McQueen: “What I“m interested in is what we as humans are capable of, morally, physically, psychologically.” There is a sidebar box titled: McQueen Life Story with the subtitles: Life; Selected works: Bear (1993), Deadpan (1997), Drumroll (1998), Hunger (2008), Queen and Country (ongoing).

He says: “British cinema could be in a much better state if only we could take more risks.” They say: “In “Hunger“, Steve McQueen reshapes conventional film language to reach the viewer to a primal level. You feel very strongly that if McQueen could impose a regime of fasting on every audience member before they saw the picture, he would do so without hesitation.” Ryan Gilbey in The Observer.

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