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Endure this moral maze

Article relating to a film, 2008
Published by: The Observer
Year published: 2008

image of Endure this moral maze

Cutting from The Observer/Review 2 November 2008 p.15 - refers to the film Hunger by artist Steve McQueen

Title: Endure this moral maze
Subtitle: The IRA hunger strike, relived here in harrowing intensity, makes for tough but essential viewing
Written by Philip French
Hunger (95 mins) Directed by Steve McQueen; Michael Fessbender, Liam Cunningham, Stuart Graham
Features an image of Michael Fessbender as Bobby Sands. From the review: “Fessbender and Cunningham play brilliantly together in a sequence that begins with an unbroken 10 minute take from a stationary camera as the pair sit at a table in the visitors’ room, fencing, joking, testing each other, moving warily like prize fighters as they progress towards their vital moral debate.“

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