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Hew Locke Tube Map

Announcement relating to an individual, 2016
Published by: Art on the Underground
Year published: 2016

image of Hew Locke Tube Map

Small pocket sized 4 panel fold out map/doubled sided colour printed text on white pearl paper/Produced by Art on the Underground, Transport for London/dated June 2016

Ten years after Yinka Shonibare’s work was featured on the cover of the London Underground tube map, Hew Locke’s work was similarly featured. The art work in question was Tunnel Vision, commissioned by Art on the Underground.

From the tfl website (art.tfl.gov.uk/projects/tunnel-vision/, 13/7/16): “Hew Locke is a Guyanese-British artist who has created a new Tube map cover ‘Tunnel Vision’ – a life-size mask made from vibrant cord and string glued together to mimic the Tube lines. The artist’s own eye, glares all-seeing from the centre.

The eye in the image is life-size so that the map can be held up to one’s face to form a mask. It is joyful, playful and uncomfortable – the eye stares directly at us, reminding us of the observations we encounter every day – from the way we move around the city, to social media, we are always watching one another.

Hew Locke said: “This commission is a major opportunity for me to make work that is universally available to all and a chance for me to be part of the long tradition of the arts associated with the London Underground. I have lived in London for over 25 years and I’m a regular user of the Underground.”

Eleanor Pinfield, Head of Art on the Underground, said: “Hew Locke has created a powerful image for London with this commission. He has taken a bold approach by reimagining the two dimensional lines of the Tube map as a three-dimensional object, forming a mask that is pierced by his own eye at the centre. Hew’s work stares out from the physical confines of the Tube map cover, and will be enjoyed by millions of people across the city.””

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