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Molton Gallery

London, United Kingdom

Molton Gallery was located at 44 South Molton Street, London, W1, in the heart of Mayfair. The gallery specialised in “Twentieth Century Paintings and Sculpture” by artists such as Gillian Ayres, Anthea Alley, and Denis Bowen. It was a gallery with which Avinash Chandra had a particular association, having solo exhibitions there in 1960 and 1962, Molton Gallery was also a collaborative partner for Chandra’s exhibition at Galerie de l’Universite, Paris, in 1961. The first of Chandra’s exhibition at Molton Gallery took place September 7 - October 1 1960. The exhibition consisted of 30 oil on canvas paintings, plus six gouaches.

The 1960 exhibition came with a small catalogue, containing a substantial essay by G.M. Butcher, which concluded, “It is also important to note that of all the great traditions of world art which have made their contribution to Western painting in the past century, only the art of India remains “undiscovered”. Or rather, it is only among several dozen young Indian painters that an attempt is being made to bring into relationship the attitudes of modern painting and the traditions of ancient India. Chandra is among those few.”

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Catalogue relating to an exhibition, 1960

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»  Avinash Chandra

Born, 1931 in Simla, India. Died, 1991