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Hidden in a Public Place | Ingrid Pollard

Book relating to a publication, 2008
Published by: IMP Press, London
Year published: 2008
Number of pages: 32
ISBN: 978-0-9669672-0-7

image of Hidden in a Public Place | Ingrid Pollard

Publication reflecting Ingrid Pollard’s research findings undertaken during an AHRC Research Fellowship in Creative and Performing Arts. 2002-2005. Pollard’s residency took place at London South Bank University. Pollard’s interest lay in identifying and documenting evidence of the history of the Black presence in Britain. She focussed on such things as pub signs and names, such as The Black Boy, and similar names given to buildings, hence the title of the publication, Hidden in a Public Place. Pollard’s assertion was that, given the proliferation and mundanity of such signage, the true and full extent of their relevance tends to be overlooked or ignored.

The publication, hardbacked, with colour dust jacket,  is extensively illustrated with examples of such signage. Pollard’s research, as reflected in this publication, is ongoing, according to the artist’s Conclusion in the publication.

Much of the text in the publication takes the form of Questions and Answers relating to Pollard’s project. “The questions throughout this book are taken from the AHRC original application.”

Towards the back of the publication, Pollard introduces two supplementary projects. 1: “During the period of the Fellowship I was commissioned by the External Affairs Department at LSBU to produce a new body of work based upon the university community. The result was titled Working Images and took the form of five light boxes and nine photographic prints which were exhibited in the Keyworth building in 2007.”

2: “During period (sic) of the Fellowship I began an international curatorial; project at Project Row Houses in Houston, Texas, which extended my practice into the area of exhibition and residency. ‘Tradewinds-Landfall 2008’ began its life as a response to the 200 year anniversary of the abolition of the trading in slaves in England 2007.”

Contents as follows:

Acknowledgements, Ingrid Pollard

Foreword, Professor Andrew Dewdney


Research Methods

Hidden in a Public Place - Research Context



Working Images - London South Bank University Commission

Trade Winds - Land Fall 2008



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