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Chris Ofili - Credit where it’s due

Article relating to an individual, 2002
Published by: Art Review
Year published: 2002
Number of pages: 2

image of Chris Ofili - Credit where it’s due

Small feature on Chris Ofli that appeaed as part of the ArtNow section of Art Review, April 2002, pp. 17-18. The full page portrait of Ofil, in the company of two elephants at Whipsnade, accompanied the short article and introduced the ArtNow section. Overleaf, the piece itself was titled Raw talent and was accompanied by a colour reproduction of Ofili’s Triple Couple, which was the subject of the short piece. From the text: “Last month’s auction of a portrait by Chris Ofili acknowledged the artistic collaboration of May, Layang-Layang and Dilberta, the three elephants who provided him with considerable quantities of dung over the years, the raw material for many of his paintings. Valued at £40,000, Triple Couple reached £74,260 and Ofili donated the money to a new outdooor play area for the elephants at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park.” Neither the photograph or the text itself were credited.

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Born, 1968 in Manchester, UK