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Tam Joseph: This is History - catalogue

Catalogue relating to an exhibition, 1998
Published by: Eddie Chambers
Year published: 1998
ISBN: 0 9513290 8 1

image of Tam Joseph: This is History - catalogue

Colour catalogue for Tam Joseph: This is History, an exhibition curated and organised by Eddie Chambers. The exhibition was an overview of Tam Joseph’s paintings, produced over a period of two decades. Alongside earlier pieces by Joseph, the exhibition featured the artist’s later works, such as Under the Sea, and The Flying Doctor. The exhibition also included well-known works by Joseph such as UK School Report, Spirit of the Carnival, and Native Girl With Fetish. The exhibition catalogue featured contributions by Hiroko Hagiwara, and an in-conversation piece with the artist and Nancy Hynes. The exhibition toured to a number of venues in England, including Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield and Gallery II, University of Bradford, and Tullie House, Carlisle.

From Hagiwara’s text: “’Is It OK at the Back?’ (1983), an everyday life scene of a Black barber shop, depicts a sociable atmosphere and the barber’s spirited pride. The haircut is complete. The barber holds a mirror reflecting the customer’s back. The customer seems to have something to say. The canvas is full of pep and humour. Another life scene, ‘Allomatenicewevaseeyalata’ (1987) is a cynical observation of a street-corner encounter between two young men, one Black and the other white. Both are woodenly expressionless. The canvas and the title convey the coldness and weariness of urban life in London. In ‘Secret Life’ (1987), a Black man is arranging his tie near the window at night. The title and the fact that he is seen through the window imply that his conduct is being observed. Is he involved in some underground political activity? Or, is he suspected of an extra-marital affair? We are not told what his secret is, only that this person is very individual and has a complex life.”

From Hynes’ interview, N: Do you feel a personal connection to the African continent?

T: I have never felt any tangible difference between me and the peoples of Africa south of the Sahara. Its (sic) a strange thing, how Africa can be particularly emotive to Americans, West Indians, British people who are Black in relation to a past history at the hands of Europeans and are presently in turmoil as a result of that 400-year-old relationship.”

Catalogue contents as follows:

Foreword, Eddie Chambers

Here History Unfolds, Hiroko Hagiwara

Four pages of colour plates

Here History Unfolds, Hiroko Hagiwara - continued

Nancy Hynes in conversation with Tam Joseph

Four pages of colour plates

Nancy Hynes in conversation with Tam Joseph - continued.

Back cover, edited artist’s CV.

A colour photograph of the artist appears on the front cover of the catalogue.


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