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Paul Miller: Deep Shit - An Interview with Chris Ofili

Article relating to a publication, 2000
Published by: Parkett
Year published: 2000
Number of pages: 13

image of Paul Miller: Deep Shit - An Interview with Chris Ofili

The Parkett Series With Contemporary Artists describes itself as a “Book Series with contemporary artists in English and German, published three times a year. Each volume is created in collaboration with artists, who contribute an original work specially for the readers of Parkett. The works are reproduced in the regular edition and available in a limited and signed Special Edition.”

Parkett No. 58, 2000, contained an interview with Chris Ofili, by Paul Miller. Paul Miller: Deep Shit - An Interview with / Starke Scheisse - Interview mit Chris Ofili pp. 164 - 171.

The English text appears first, then the German translation. There are six reproductions of Ofili paintings in the text, two of which are full page reproductions.

An extract from the interview: “PM: Right, right. Would you say that you and Kara Walker draw some sort of controversy from the older generation? Do you notice that? Do you get that vibe? In one sense she’s dealing with a similar critique, but you guys have radically different content. What do you think of that?

CO: I think the jazz generation’s very different from the hip-hop generation. Really. I think the jazz generation had this real problem facing the audience, and was afraid of selling out. And I think the hip-hop generation is really not afraid to say all the bad and the good. And to make fun of what’s considered sacred. I feel kind of loose. I just kind of relax and I don’t know, it’s just… we’ve got to move on. You know. We can enjoy all of what we’ve got, and not be on our kness all the time. Stop thinking “Oh shit. I can’t say that, that might upset somebody,” or “I can’t play that record. Because there’s an old guy over there, and he really won’t like the swearing.”

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