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Four X 4

Group show at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Arnolfini, City Gallery Leicester, Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Castle Museum. 1991
Date: 8 September, 1991 until 17 October, 1991
Curator: Eddie Chambers

Four X 4 was described in its catalogue as “an innovative exhibition project that brings together sixteen artists creating installations in four different gallery spaces”. Venues and dates as follows: Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston, 8 September - 17 October 1991, Shaheen Merali, Houria Niati, Sher Rajah, and Lesley Sanderson; Wolverhampton Art Gallery, 21 September - 2 November 1991, Oso Audu, Val Brown, Stephen Forde, and Rita Keegan; The City Gallery, Leicester, 9 October - 16 November 1991, Medina Hammad, Richard Hylton, Tony Phillips, and Folake Shoga; Arnolfini, 12 October - 24 November 1991, Permindar Kaur, Virginia Nimarkoh, Alistair Raphael, and Vincent Stokes. A fifth exhibition, featuring several installations presented at the Preston, Wolverhampton, Leicester and Bristol venues, titled The Four X  Retrospective was shown at The Castle Museum Nottingham, 18 January - 1 March 1992.

Curated by Eddie Chambers, who wrote in the Foreword: “Four x 4 includes installations by artists such as Permindar Kaur, a ‘sculptor’, Houria Niati, a ‘painter’, and Vincent Stokes, a ‘photographer’. The attempt has been to suggest that ‘installation’ art need not be (seen as) the preserve of a supposedly more innovative or radical minority of artists. Rather, an ‘installation’ is something which any artist can successfully produce, if they are prepared to dismantle or disregard the limitations set by the singular forms in which they have gained proficiency. Four x 4 does however, also contain contributions by artists for whom the installation is not an altogether new undertaking. In this respect, I am referring specifically to artists such as Alistair Raphael, Shaheen Merali and Stephen Forde.”

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»  Four X 4

Catalogue relating to an exhibition, 1991

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»  Val/Valerie Brown

Born, 1966 in England

»  Virginia Nimarkoh

Born, 1967 in London, England

»  Tony Phillips

Born, 1952 in Liverpool, UK

»  Sher Rajah

Born, 1954

»  Vincent Stokes

Born, 1964 in London, England

Exhibition venues

»  Arnolfini

Bristol, United Kingdom

»  Castle Museum

Nottingham, United Kingdom

»  City Gallery Leicester

Leicester, United Kingdom

»  Harris Museum & Art Gallery

Preston, United Kingdom

»  Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Wolverhampton, United Kingdom