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British Art Show 5 guide

Exhibition guide relating to an exhibition, 2000
Published by: Hayward Touring Exhibitions
Year published: 2000

image of British Art Show 5 guide

Exhibition guide to accompany The British Art Show 5, organised for National Touring Exhibitions by the Hayward Gallery for the Arts Council of England/Showing at venues in Edinburgh, Southampton, Cardiff and Birmingham, 2000-2001/Guide (unpaginated) written by Helen Luckett, Hayward Gallery Education Programmer.

Title: Everything and Nothing: A guide to The British Art Show 5

Exhibition included work by a number of artists, showing at venues in Edinburgh, Southampton, Cardiff and Birmingham, 2000/2001, including Donald Rodney. References in the guide as follows: “Donald Rodney b 1961, Birmingham; d 1998, London. “You’ve handed me this tiny building in a bottle and you say “it is what you think it is… and there are dressmakers’ pins in it, huge stakes in real skin … I wonder what kind of home it represents In the House of My Father formed part of Donald Rodney’s last solo exhibition, 9 Night in Eldorado. Part wake, part memorial, this celebratory exhibition was dedicated to his father, who had died two years earlier. Rodney himself was suffering from sickle-cell anaemia, an inherited disease of the blood. One of the most interesting artists of his generation, he continued to make inventive and ambitious work throughout the last stages of his illness.”

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