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Us an’ Dem (Us and Them) - press release

Press release relating to an exhibition, 1994
Published by: The Storey Institute
Year published: 1994

image of Us an’ Dem (Us and Them) - press release

Single sheet A4 portrait/monochrome type on grey printed paper

Title: Exhibition Information - Us an’ Dem (Us and Them)
Author: None attributed - produced by the gallery
Source: The Storey Institute, Lancaster - exhibition ran from 18 March - 15 April 1994

Exhibition information/press release relating to the exhibition Us an’ Dem (Us and Them) curated by Eddie Chambers. In large font at the top of the page is a quote from the poet Benjamin Zephaniah where the title for the show can be attributed: “Us and Dem it is Us and Dem When will dis ting ever end?”

The themes of the exhibition are framed in the opening paragraph: “Us an’ Dem is an exhibition that attempts to take a critical look at relationships between the police, the judiciary, and the Black community. The exhibition presents three artists’ responses to these issues. All three artists are of African-Caribbean origin, and all are resident in the London area.” The artists featured were Faisal Abdu’Allah, Denzil Forrester and Tam Joseph.

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Born, 1969 in London, UK

»  Eddie Chambers

Born, 1960 in Wolverhampton, England

»  Denzil Forrester

Born, 1956 in Grenada

»  Tam Joseph

Born, 1947 in Dominica

»  Benjamin Zephaniah

Born, 1958 in Birmingham, UK

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