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The Turner Prize has scraped the bottom of its gimmicky barrel

Review relating to an exhibition, 1999
Published by: The Independent
Year published: 1999

image of The Turner Prize has scraped the bottom of its gimmicky barrel

Original clipping from broadsheet newspaper/monochrome text and photograph on newsprint/review in relation to the winner of that year’s Turner Prize being announced the previous evening.

Title: The Turner Prize has scraped the bottom of its gimmicky barrel
Author: David Lee (editor of Art Review)
Source: The Independent, The Wednesday Review, 1 December, 1999
Article contains a photograph of part of the installed gallery exhibition with the following caption: “Moving images? Steven Pippin’s artworks are ‘about as avant-garde as Ted Heath’”

Comment piece about the Turner Prize and how nominees are selected, the writer suggests that the secretive nature of the selection perpetuates a type of ‘club’ of contemporary artists validated by Tate Gallery. From the text: “Whichever body of work had been awarded the prize last night, however, it will leave us none the wiser as to what pertinence it has to our lives - let alone how the final decision was arrived at and what criteria were used to judge Steve McQueen’s work better that the efforts of the also-rans. It would have been educative indeed to have been a fly on the wall of the Tate director’s office yesterday afternoon while the judges - whose parti-pris credentials are scrupulously checked in order that no hint of art recognisable to the majority should slip through the shortlist - discussed the relative merits of the work on offer.”

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