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Steve McQueen: Driven to abstraction

Interview relating to an exhibition, 1999
Published by: The Guardian
Year published: 1999

image of Steve McQueen: Driven to abstraction

Original article taken from broadsheet newspaper/monochrome type with photograph on newsprint/interview with artist in relation to their nomination for that years Turner Prize

Title: Steve McQueen: Driven to abstraction

Subtitle: Behind the beautiful, graceful film installations, tipped to win this years Turner Prize, hides an unassuming, bear like man - the art worlds outsider. And surprise, surprise, he hates talking about his art.
Author: Sabine Durrant
Source: The Guardian, G2 section, Monday, 22 November 1999, p.4-5
Article contains a large portrait photograph of the artist in an outside space, credited to Graham Turner.

Interview conducted in a cafe in Soho, uses the space as a backdrop for the interview to provide a counterpoint to the Q&A process - the interviewer alludes to the artist being a difficult interviewee, a situation compounded by the article consisting of largely descriptive passages with background information, intercut with brief statements from the artist. From the article: “It turns out he doesn’t like talking about his work. He likes reading about it even less. When you read something in the papers its like what is that like? But when you go to see it its like, Oh. He relates with some eagerness how the tape recorder in Prey was the type used by the FBI and the CIA and how they found this Cuban defector  - hm,hm,hm,hum he hums conspiratorially - to help them use it; and how a stunt co-ordinator trained him to stand still for Deadpan.”

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