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Do look now

Article relating to an exhibition, 2003
Published by: The Guardian
Year published: 2003
Number of pages: 2

image of Do look now

Original 2 page article from broadsheet newspaper/monochrome type on newsprint with colour reproductions/article in relation to the content within the upcoming Venice Biennale.

Title: Do look now
Subtitle: The entire world goes to the Venice Biennale. And this year even painters are invited.
Author: Sebastian Smee
Source: The Guardian, G2, Arts section, 31 May 2003, p. 16-17

Article contains three colour reproductions with the following credits: “The painters are coming” clockwise from top, Kite by Robert Rauschenberg; detail from Afro Lunar Lovers, a new work by Chris Ofili; scene from a past Biennale.”

Article discusses the thematics selected by the Biennale curator, Francesco Bonami under the title, Dreams and Conflicts: the Dictatorship of the Viewer. From the article:”In the past two decades, there has been a shift in the way we think about those who come to see art, a shift away from ‘individuals’ and toward ‘audiences’. The idea of a ‘show’ has taken the place of the individual gaze.We want to bring back the individual experience of the viewer with the work of art. What does this translate into? Perhaps just that Bonami has decided not to treat the Biennale as one homogeneous entity, and has broken it up into “autonomous exhibitions.””

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