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Portrait in elephant dung wins Turner Prize

Article relating to an exhibition, 1998
Published by: The Independent
Year published: 1998
Number of pages: 1

image of Portrait in elephant dung wins Turner Prize

Original article (on front page of newspaper)/monochrome type with full colour image on newsprint/short announcement/statement precluding a full article within the paper.

Title: Portrait in elephant dung wins Turner Prize
Author: David Lister (arts news editor)
Source: The Independent, Wednesday, 2 December 1998 p.1
Article contains a colour reproduction of a painting by Chris Ofili with the following caption: “No Woman No Cry, by Turner Prize winner Chris Ofili. The figure has an elephant-dung pendant.”

Article briefly describes the winner, his work, in particular the image reproduced next to the article, and the other artists Ofili beat to win the prize. The author also lists the individuals who made up the Jury. From the article: “The Turner Prize exhibition contains one of his most topical and powerful paintings, No Woman No Cry, a black woman crying with every tear containing a picture of the murdered black teenager, Stephen Lawrence. It was intended to portray universal grief and suffering with particular attention to the black community. But as he worked, he became increasingly aware of the Lawrence inquiry and, according to the Tate curator, Virginia Button, aware of the image of Doreen Lawrence often in tears, and brought this into his painting.”

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