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Every one’s a winner

Article relating to an exhibition, 1998
Published by: The Independent
Year published: 1998

image of Every one’s a winner

Original broadsheet clipping/monchrome type on newsprint wth full colour illustrations/article written in relation to the Turner Prize nominations of 1998 and the exhibition that accompanies the prize.

Title: Every one’s a winner
subtitle: for the first time in its history, the Turner Prize feels like a proper show. Even if they do still pretend that it’s an art award.
Author: Tom Lubbock
Source: The Independent, 3 November 1998, The Tuesday Review/Visual Arts, pp.11

Article contains a number of photographic reproductions - with the following credits: Top: Atlantic by Sam Taylor Wood; then from left, Cogent Shuddering by Cathy de Monchaux, The Roaring Forties by Tacita Dean and Innervisions by Chris Ofili.

Article discusses some of the issues that the judges face when nominating artists for the prize and provides an overview of the exhibition - describing the work of each artist. From the article: “Chris Ofili’s super-encrusted, entertainment-packed, open-house paintings hardly need introducing now. They were in Sensation; he had a show in Southampton early this year, and another at the Serpentine which has only just closed.” “Cathy de Monchaux had a show at the Whitechapel last year and I didn’t like it much then either. The main hit is the fusion of sharp metal work and (seemingly) live tissue, as in Cognant Shuddering, which looks like flayed rabbits…” “Sam Taylor-Wood had some work in Sensation; otherwise it’s only been seen abroad. It’s the most Young British Artist thing in the show.” “Tacita Dean is the least famous candidate. She’s not owned by Saatchi, and she hasn’t had a solo show in in a top public gallery.”

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