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An invitation to a book discussion

Letter relating to a publication, 1994
Published by: Arnolfini
Year published: 1994

image of An invitation to a book discussion

Single sheet A4 portrait/monochrome text printed on headed paper/Invitation produced by the Arnolfini to a book discussion

Text (in bold) An Invitation to a Book Discussion to be held on Tuesday 26 October at 7.30pm
An extract from the letter: “ The recently published book Disrupted Borders - An Intervention in Definitions of Boundaries will be discussed in a forum with four of the authors - Emily Anderson, Monika Baker, Clare Harris and Tim Screech. I should like to extend an invitation to attend. Disrupted Borders (is) released in conjunction with the launch of an exhibition under the same title, seeks to break through divisions and boundaries that Eurocentric culture tells us are fixed and natural, but deny the validity of diverse experience.”
Letter is signed by Tessa Jackson - Director, Arnolfini.

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