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Truth, Dare, Double-Dare... Ikon Gallery brochure

Brochure relating to an exhibition, 1994
Published by: Ikon Gallery, Birmingham
Year published: 1994

image of Truth, Dare, Double-Dare... Ikon Gallery brochure

Small folded document, 4 panels/Ikon Gallery brochure, June - August 1994

Several exhibitions featured, inluding Truth, Dare, Double-Dare… Relevant brochure text as follows: “Rose Finn-Felcey and Donald G Rodney. 4 June - 16 July 1994. Rose Finn-Kelcey is well known for recent installations which explore the material and spiritual limits of our environment. Donald G Rodney has contributed work to several exhibitions dealing with the themes of race and sexual politics. Truth, Dare, Double-Dare… brings together a major installation by each of the artists and a poignant new collabortative work. Rose Finn-Kelcey’s The Royal Box - a remarkable, bone-chilling room of ice - invites viewers to experience art in an unexpected way. Donald G Rodney’s Visceral Canker uses the coat of arms of Sir John Hawkins and Queen Elizabeth I, bound together by a tube of the artist’s blood, to explore issues of heredity and slavery. From these two distinctive approaches, the artists have embarked on a daring joint venture. The resulting sound installation is a raw and compelling exploration of the intense and often painful process of collaboration.”

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»  Donald Rodney

Born, 1961 in Birmingham, England. Died, 1998

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Collaboration at Ikon Gallery. 1994

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Birmingham, United Kingdom