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Young Soul Rebels

Article relating to a film, 1991
Published by: LA Times
Year published: 1991

image of Young Soul Rebels

Original clipping/LA weekly/6 December 1991/no page reference/no author attributed

Review of Young Soul Rebels, a film by Isaac Julien.

From the article: “When it comes to revisionist history,a new multicultural generation of British filmakers is filling up a whole memory bank with alternative readings of their own recent past, funding largly by television’s Channel 4. The latest to arrive this side of the Atlantic is Isaac Julien’s Young Soul Rebels, a growing-up-black movie that’s part hetrosexual love story, and part sardonic political commentary in the tradition of “Sammy and Rosie Get Laid“. “But while Young Soul Rebels is marred by an ungainly stiffness and rough editing, like the 1977 London (the year of the Queen’s silver jubilee) it reconstructs, the film is a febrile, exciting over stuffed mess that only persuades you to swallow its themes because of its brashly mutinous optimism.”

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