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Young Soul Rebels | Long, Dark Night of Soul

Article relating to a film, 1991
Published by: Time Out
Year published: 1991
Number of pages: 2

image of Young Soul Rebels | Long, Dark Night of Soul

Clipping from original/2 sheets of A4/Time Out/September 5 -12 1990/pp. 16 - 17

Title: Young Soul Rebels - Long Dark Night of Soul

subtitle: In his fiction-feature debut, documentary film-maker Isaac Julien is redefining 1977 as the year of soul, not punk. But on a long night’s shoot in north London, has anyone told the skinheads that?
Author: Geoff Andrew
Photographs by Jez Coulson - article contains images taken from the set of Young Soul Rebels and a head shot of Isaac Julian.

Article looks at some of the ideas and issues relating to the film “Young Soul Rebels“ the first feature film made by Isaac Julien. The writer joins the director and crew on set in north London filming a riot scene derived from experiences of 1977. From the article: “Suddenly this summer, the fads, fashions and follies of Silver Jubilee year - 1977 - returned to various north and east London locations, along with the cast and crew of Young Soul Rebels the first fiction feature to be directed by Isaac Julien. Made for the British Film Institute Production Board on a budget of around 1.2 million, the movie is a thriller charting the consequnces of the murder of a gay black youth, and centered around Chris and Caz, two pirate-radio soul DJ’s whose unwilling envolvement in the case serves as a framework for Julien and his co-writers Derrick McClintock and Paul Hallam to explore the social, sexual and cultural contours of a particular time and place.”

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