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Black Grammatology

Article relating to an exhibition, 2007
Published by: Mute Magazine
Year published: 2007

image of Black Grammatology

6 sheets A4/taken from Mute Magazine website: www.metamute.org/originally posted on Wednesday 18 April 2007

Title: Black Grammatology
Author: Josephine Berry Slater (Editor of Mute: Culture and Politics after the Net)
subtitle: Initially a vital component of experimental black film culture, the Black Audio Film Collective quickly arrived at retrospective respectability. Josephine Berry Slater enters the memory space of their recent show at FACT and retrieves the radical yet “still born“ possibilities fom its multi-media memorial.

Article contains numerious images including photographs of the collective and stills from various films. From the article: “In one of their last films, The Last Angel of History (John Akomfrah, 1996) the exploration of the fertile territory of Afro-futurism, the musical cultures of the African diaspora, and the potential of digital code to blur boundaries (between musical genres, historical moments identities etc) is sadly stultified by the film’s adoption of the film essay technique.”

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