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Carl Van Vechten Gallery, Fisk University

Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America
Official website: Carl Van Vechten Gallery, Fisk University

Named in honour of Carl Van Vechten, the writer, photographer and patron of African American arts, the gallery was established in the late 1940s and hosted a number of important exhibitions, not only of work by its patron, but also by a range of African American artists including, in this instance, Winston Branch. Early in his post-college career, in 1973, he undertook a residency at the famous, historically Black centre of learning that is Fisk University, in Nashville, Tennessee. Out of that came an exhibition titled The Recent Paintings of Winston Branch, shown at the university’s Carl Van Vechten Gallery, October 14 - November 9, 1973. “This exhibition arranged on the occasion of the visit of Winston Branch to Fisk University. Artist-in-Residence in the Department of Art, September 26 - November 25, 1973.” 

from the Foreword to the catalogue The Recent Paintings of Winston Branch, written by David C. Driskell, Chairman, Department of Art:

“Winston Branch went to London from his native St. Lucia to live 14 years ago. Since that time he has pursued major courses of study in the fine arts at institutions such as the Slade School of Fine Arts, University College, London and the British Academy in Rome, where he was the recipient of the Prix de Rome, distinguishing himself as one of Great Britain’s most promising young painters…. That he has been able to forge ahead as a black painter whose artistic merit in the European cultural community is now becoming internationally known speaks loudly of his dedication to the craft of painting and the talent which he has demonstrated in his work.”

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Born, 1947 in Castries, St Lucia