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One nation, many voices

Article relating to an exhibition, 2004
Published by: The Scotsman
Year published: 2004

image of One nation, many voices

Cutting from The Scotsman/Friday 13 February 2004 p.15/S2 Review

Title: One nation, many voices
subtitle: Scotland needs to find a way to embrace and encourage diversity without pigeon-holing black artists to a convenient cultural ghetto. Writer: Maud Sulter.

Article relating to a conference that was to be held at Dundee College, New Voices, Hidden Histories on 26-27 February 2004, that was organised by Scottish Arts. Contains a large black and white photograph with the caption: “Jazz piper Rufus Harley with a pipe band at Tartan Day, 2002. Was a multicultural vision of Scotland celebrated at the event?“ picture: Donald MacLeod.

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Born, 1960 in Glasgow, Scotland. Died, 2008