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Frank Bowling RA - Artsway exhibition 2006

Solo show at ArtSway. 2006
Date: 13 May, 2006 until 2 July, 2006
Curator: Mark Segal
Organiser: ArtSway

ArtSway, Hampshire “Contemporary Visual Art in the New Forest” was the venue for this exhibition, The White Paintings, by Frank Bowling, RA, 13 May - 2 July 2006. The exhibition took place in conjection with Frank Bowling, Latest Paintings: A Celebration of His Election to the Royal Academy of Arts, an exhibition at Rollo Contemporary Art, London, 9 March - 13 April 2006.

From the preface to the exhibition’s catalogue:

“Rarely publicly exhibited Frank Bowling’s white paintings can be considered a private and discrete concern, quietly pursued throughout his career (starting with the still life’s while at the Royal College of Art), sensitive counterpoints to the vibrant abstract canvases for which he is best known. Their making usually accompanied personal or memorable moments, such as the occasion of his son, Dan’s birth (while snow was falling in January 1962) or while stranded in Brooklyn’s harsh winter of 1992-93, in a cold water loft, awaiting his green card. The recent work, produced with loss and regret as a memorial to Dan following his death in November 2001 (and with typical mischief suggested as a theme for a museum exhibition) harness a white fire and a fury, which makes Bowling such a powerful exponent of the material of paint.”

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