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Widening the thin black line

Article relating to an exhibition, 1991
Published by: The Guardian
Year published: 1991

image of Widening the thin black line

Cutting from The Guardian 19/02/1991

Title: Widening the thin black line
Subtitle: Maud Sulter, this year’s Artist in Residence at Liverpool’s Tate Gallery, explains to Rebecca Fortnum why she sees herself as both artistic ‘facilitator’ and cultural historian.
Written by Rebecca Fortnum

Contains a photograph of the artist with the caption: “This year’s model. Maud Sulter puts black women artists centre stage.“ Image credit: Don McPhee. From the article: “The large gilt frames that hold the prints come from an earlier project in which Sulter sifted through Rochdale’s municipal art collection for a “Black presence“ “You can sometimes find slaves in a family portrait. What is interesting about those is that you will probably find the picture because in some paintings they have been cut out or painted over, their presence physically removed, once slavery was not so fashionable. Zabat seeks to redress this literal marginlisation by putting the black woman centre stage.”

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