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Hysteria | Maud Sulter Photoworks

Exhibition guide relating to an exhibition, 1992
Published by: Royal Festival Hall
Year published: 1992

image of Hysteria | Maud Sulter Photoworks

double A4 landscape fold out card/double sided colour printed/Exhibition guide produced by The Royal Festival Hall

Front cover text: Hysteria: Maud Sulter Photoworks, 7 April - 10 May 1992 Foyer Galleries - Royal Festival Hall - London SE1. Cover image: Ma - Maud Sulter.

The inside pages contain a series of images and texts relating to the content of the exhibition: The Lawyer and his Wife; Inverno; Hagg. There is a brief description of the exhibition and a text that is presented like a film script: “Hysteria is an installation comprising photographic prints, marble plaques, scripted narrative and audio recording on compact disc.“ On the reverse side there is a panel entitled: Museum: A series of 3 photographic prints - Edition of 3 (1990). “As a celebration of International Women’s Day, Helen Sloan at Oldham Art Gallery commissioned Maud Sulter to create a new work. She chose to crique The Death of Cleopatra by John Collier.“ On the far reverse side is a colour photograph of Maud Sulter and a brief biography.

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