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Hysteria | Maud Sulter

Exhibition guide relating to an exhibition, 1991
Published by: Ikon Gallery
Year published: 1991

image of Hysteria | Maud Sulter

A4 landscape/folded sheet/double sided black and white printed text

On front: Ikon Gallery: 9 November - 21 December 1991, Hysteria, Maud Sulter

Inside page: A text written by Richard Gagola, Education Officer at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham “Hysteria is a story of a blackwoman artist who travelled from America to seek fame and fortune as a sculptor in Rome in the 19th century. It is a fictional tale based on fragments of the true life story of Edmonia Lewis, a sucessful artist who lived and worked around this period.“ Maud Sulter has tapped into something we all do much of the time: creating scenarios and stories in our minds, into which we project ourselves as heroes and heroines, victims and champions. However, in Eurocentric culture, dominated by the values and representations of white patriarchy which provides roles for other people in its terms, where are representations of strong, creative black women?”

Back cover: “Translations: Temporis Filia Veritas - Truth is the Daughter of Time; Il Tre Parche - The Three Graces: Hope, Faith and Charity In the exhibition, Hope and Faith are translated as Ma, which is Ghanaian for doubt. Charity is Caritas, which in latin means high regard, love accompanied by esteem. Inverno, Primavera, Estate and Autunno - Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.”

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»  Maud Sulter

Born, 1960 in Glasgow, Scotland. Died, 2008

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