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Barbara Brownie

Barbara Brownie is a Senior Lecturer in Visual Communication at the University of Hertfordshire. She provided a short text “Permindar Kaur: Art with a Life of its Own” for the catalogue accompanying Permindar Kaur: Interlopers, an exhibition that represented the culmination of a residency by the artist at the University of Hertfordshire School of Creative Arts. The exhibition’s dates were 18 March - 7 May 2016.

From the Introduction by Annabel Lucas, Exhibitions Curator: “The individual sculptural works within Interlopers were developed during an intensive residency within the School of Creative Arts, University of Hertfordshire. We are grateful to the school for supporting Permindar’s access to research, new materials and techniques, and crucially her immersion in its student and staff population. Our gratitude is extended to Richard Cork for his insightful survey of Permindar’s recent work. We would like to thank Professor Barbara Brownie for her text proposing the sculpture’s independence and agency, and her dynamic blog series that charted the evolution of this remarkable new species and the survival of its fittest.”

Brownie’s text opened with, “When Permindar speaks about her teddies, she creates them with agency. Many of her developments respond to the notion that the teddies are somehow “active” and potentially able to interact with their surroundings. Two of her larger teddies guard the entrance to the gallery, positioned on the highest perches, looking down at those entering or exiting the space. “I want it to feel like they could escape through the doors and windows,” she says.”

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