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Article relating to an individual, 2007
Published by: Mayfair Times, London
Year published: 2007

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Colour magazine/Mayfair Times (subtitle: now in its 21st year)/Mayfair Times is produced by Publishing Business in partnership with Grosvenor Publishing Business. © Publishing Business Ltd 2007; Editor: Selma Day; Art: Sophie Bishop/Contains article relating to the artist Frank Bowling, p.14 - 15.

Title: True Colours
Subtitle: “After years of relative obscurity Frank Bowling is finally gaining recognition he has long craved. Elected the first Black Royal Academician in 2005, the 71-year -old artist is now being celebrated in a series of international shows. Sophie Bishop meets him“.
Contains a full page photograph of the artist sitting in a colourful armchair in a room with 2 of the artists paintings in the background and an insert picture credited as “Pandora’s Box, 1975“. The article ends with: “Frank Bowling: Poured Paintings runs until June 1 at the Arts Club, 40 Dover Street, Mayfair.“

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»  (Sir) Frank Bowling OBE, RA

Born, 1935 - 1937 (probably 1936) in British Guiana (now Guyana) Caribbean/S. America