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Lui Shou-Kwan

Born, 1919 in Canton, China. Died, 1975

From the catalogue Commonwealth Artists of Fame 1952 - 1977 (Commonwealth Art Gallery, London, 1 June - 3 July 1977): “Lui was born in Canton and took a degree in economics at the university there. His father was a civil servant, a scholar and an artist but family life was disrupted by war and revolution. In 1948 Lui settled in Hong Kong and was employed as an inspector in a ferry service.

Lui Shou-Kwan was a painter of great distinction and in the historically important tradition of the scholar-artist. Teaching himself to paint by copying antique scrolls and using traditional methods, Lui slowly developed and evolved a personal style: landscapes of recognisable forms changed to abstract interpretations often of considerable size and executed with a few powerful brush strokes. Always a thoughtful artist, he worked at an unhurried pace, reflecting, using an economy of means and willing to follow the promptings of hand and eye. After 1966 he left the ferry service and devoted much of his time to lecturing, teaching and writing; his example has done much to revitalise the tradition of ink-painting.

‘I paint in accordance with the Chinese philosophy of art which stresses expression of the individual mind and nature of the artist.’”

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