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Maqbul/Maqbool Fida Husain

Born, 1915 in Sholapur, India. Died, 2011

Also known as M F Husain. From the catalogue Commonwealth Artists of Fame 1952 - 1977 (Commonwealth Art Gallery, London, 1 June - 3 July 1977): “Born in Sholapur, India. In his early twenties he settled in Bombay, painted cinema hoardings and designed furniture and toys. He associated with a number of other young artists in Bombay, including [Francis Newton] Souza, [Syed Haide - S H] Raza and [Akbar] Padamese and exhibited in 1947, at the Artists’ Aid Centre; a year later he joined the Progressive Artists Group. His first one-man exhibition was held in Bombay in 1950 and his work has been shown extensively in India and throughout the world, most notably more than once at the Venice Biennale, at Sao Paulo (the Mahabharata series in 1971) and in London in Indian Painting Now (1964) an Arts Council of Great Britain exhibition held at the Commonwealth Art Gallery. He has carried out numerous murals in India and also in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Zurich and Prague and made a number of films. Husain has received several awards and in February 1977 was awarded a Doctorate in Literature, Mysore University.”

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