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Lamidi Fakeye

Born, 1922 - 1928 (probably 1925) in Illa-Orangun, Nigeria. Died, 2009

From the catalogue Commonwealth Artists of Fame 1952 - 1977 (Commonwealth Art Gallery, London, 1 June - 3 July 1977): “Born in Illa-Orangun, Nigeria. Both his grandfather and father were traditional Yoruba carvers. As a child Lamidi worked with his father but also attended school. In 1948, although converted to Islam, he was admitted to the Roman Catholic Oye-Ekiti centre where Father Carroll apprenticed him to Bandele, son of Arowogun, who were also well known traditional Yoruba carvers. The training and opportunities available profoundly influenced Lamidi and in 1955 he moved to Father O’Mahoney’s workshop at Ondo where, in time, he had his own apprentices and was assisted by brothers and cousins. Later, he established his own independent studio in Ibadan. In 1962-63 he was awarded a scholarship by the French Government, to study stone carving and cement sculpture at the Cité Université in Besançon and at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He visited briefly both England and the United States of America where he lectured at universities, carried out some commissions and exhibited his work. Fakeye appointed resident artist for three months by the Western Michigan University to lecture and demonstrate Yoruba techniques of carving.”

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