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Christine Eccles

Castlefield Gallery was the first venue for this Frank Bowling exhibition that subsequently travelled to The Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, Ireland (September 1988), The Senate House, University of Liverpool (October 1988), and the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol (Spring 1989). The Castlefield Gallery’s dates were 10 June - 23 July 1988. Only approximate dates/time periods were listed in a note stapled onto the inside back cover of the small accompanying catalogue.

Unusually, the exhibition featured examples of Bowling lesser-known sculptural pieces, made of welded steel, alongside his paintings produced in the mid to late 1980s. Christine Eccles provided an introduction to the catalogue. In it. she wrote, “The dramatic grandeur of these paintings is tamed by Bowling’s whimsical titles. ‘Bounce’ is called ‘Bounce’ because it does indeed bounce. ‘Sasha’s Green Bag’ is so called because his friend Denis de Caires’s four year old daughter stood by the work in progress and sought out the greens that matched her green handbag. There is a vein of light heartedness in Bowling’s approach to his work most evident in the scrap metal sculptures.”

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