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Rose Finn - Kelcey & Donald Rodney

Brochure relating to an exhibition, 1994
Published by: Ikon Gallery, Birmingham
Year published: 1994

image of Rose Finn - Kelcey & Donald Rodney

Promotional brochure produced by sponsors Haagen - Dazs under their initiative: “Dedicated to Pleasure, Dedicated to the Arts”. This was the third year of arts sponsorship - launched in 1992, titled The Haagen - Dazs Arts Programme and is organised by Anthony Fawcett Consultants, 26-27 D’Arbley Street, London W1V 3FH.

This arts programme sponsors a number of institutions and the brochure outlines current/upcoming exhibitions/performances/screenings in the following institions: Museum of Modern Art, Oxford - Ikon Gallery, Birmingham - Serpentine Gallery, London - Arnolfini, Bristol - The Edinburgh Film Festival, Edinburgh - Royal Academy of Arts, London - Dance Umbrella, 20 Chancellors St, London

At Ikon Gallery, Birmingham: Rose Finn-Kelcey & Donald Rodney: Truth, Dare, Double Dare..., 4 June - 16 July 1994. “Rose Finn-Kelcey is well known for her recent installations - including Steam and The Royal Box at the Saatchi Collection which explore the material and spiritual limits of our environment. For the installation at Ikon Gallery, she is collaborating with artist Donald Rodney. In this innovative collaboration, they will be exploring the parallels in their work, looking in particular at the relationships between the mind and the body. The Ikon Gallery, located in the centre of Birmingham, has gained a reputation for presenting outstanding exhibitions and for its support of up-and-coming artists.”

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Collaboration at Ikon Gallery. 1994

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Birmingham, United Kingdom