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Eugene Palmer | Index

Catalogue relating to an exhibition, 2004
Published by: Wolsey Art Gallery, Christchurch Mansion
Year published: 2004
Number of pages: 12
ISBN: 0 906688 41 8

image of Eugene Palmer | Index

Exhibition brochure for solo exhibition, Eugene Palmer: Index The exhibition took place at Wolsey Art Gallery, Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich, 17 January - 28 March 2004. Essay written by Richard Hylton. 12 page catalogue, 6 colour illustrations, 170 x 160mm. ISBN 0 906688 41 8

Several years before this exhibition, Palmer’s practice moved on to explore the use of the repeated image in his paintings, particularly those of family members such as his father and his daughters. Commenting on one of these series of portraits, Six of One (1999) Richard Hylton noted in the Index catalogue that it “…was painted in serial form. It is perhaps unavoidable when looking at such works that we inevitably seek out the subtle differences between them, to arrive at some sort of hierarchy of originality. Yet whilst we might revel in the [supposed] accuracy of skin tone in one, the slightly darker [or indeed, lighter] tone of another casts doubt over our previous judgment. Being drawn to one painting over another or, thinking one better over another, becomes, as much of a game as it is an almost fruitless exercise.”

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Born, 1967 in England

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Born, 1955 in Kingston, Jamaica

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Solo show. 2004

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