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A Place Called Home

Catalogue relating to an exhibition, 2004
Year published: 2004
Number of pages: 64
ISBN: 0-620-32463-5

image of A Place Called Home

Catalogue (sized A5 landscape) for exhibition titled A Place Called Home - subtitled: A Contemporary Art Show With Artists from the South Asian Diaspora Curated by Zayd Minty.

The exhibition, took place at two venues in South Africa in 2004 and featured a number of artists of the South Asian diaspora.

“… this show is what it is, a culmination of a set of experiences presenting another point of reference for ongoing engagements around the exploration of diasporic identities and diversity politics - as a visual project it has few precedents since the country adopted new democratic and cultural policies and is thus a unique initiative. The show was an opportunity to present to South Asian audiences some recent perspectives from the world of contemporary arts and to exhibit a range of exciting artists whose visions I admire and whose imagery I find beautiful and engaging. My framing of the project, facilitated with a range of independent views of these artists. is an attempt, I hope, to engage South African audiences, especially those of South Asian/”Indian” descent, with something which could firstly stand by itself for its aesthetic qualities and secondly to serve as a springboard for a multitude of discussions about identity and transformation. My own view of “Indians” in South Africa is an ambiguous one with the “crisis” of the majority of “Indians” in the face of change in the New South Africa, worrying. Exhibiting artists who provide other more progressive visions and perspectives, critically engaging with notions of identity is an opportunity I hope for transformation/s of some sort.”

From the catalogue Introduction and Acknowledgements by Zayd Minty, May 2004.

Catalogue contents as follows: Foreword, Introduction and Acknowledgements, Definitions: South Asian and Diaspora, Making Place: Zayd Minty, Hidden Art Histories in Durban: Nasan Pather, British Homeland: Pratap Rughani, and a section on Contributors. Full colour plates throughout. 64 pages.


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