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Max Chapman

Born, 1911 in London

Max Chapman exhibited alongside Denis Bowen, Anthony Underhill, and Aubrey Williams in an exhibition titled Continuum, at Grabowski Gallery in 1960.

In 1966, Chapman again exhibited alongside Williams in Appointment With Six, a group exhibition held at The Arun Art Centre, which was at the time a functioning gallery in Arundel, West Sussex. The exhibition’s dates were 19 October - 5 November 1966. Appointment With Six featured Aubrey Williams, alongside Gwen Barnard, Pip Benveniste, Oswell Blakeston, Max Chapman, and A. Oscar. The exhibition came with a modest but important catalogue, which had something of a home-made feel and aesthetic. The works listed in the catalogue were priced in Guineas, the now obsolete British unit of currency.

In 1969, Guyana-born painter Aubrey Williams had an exhibition at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter [December 11 - 31]. The exhibition featured some 45 paintings, many for sale (again, priced in guineas). A modest catalogue was produced to accompany the exhibition, with a brief introduction by Max Chapman, which concluded “It will be seen that Williams’ imagery has grass roots in the South American jungle, but its exoticism has been progressively tempered, given more weight and simplicity. Of the pictures on view, probably “Autumn” best exemplifies this progression, being in fact his most recent. Yet there is a constant within the change, and it would be surprising if the total impact of these richly conceived canvases does not strike the viewer as exceptionally impressive.”

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