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Pondlife and Other Paintings | New work by Frank Bowling

Solo show at Poussin Gallery. 2008
Date: 3 April, 2008 until 26 April, 2008
Curator: Martin Gayford
Organiser: Poussin Gallery, London

From the introduction in the catalogue: “Frank Bowling (b.1936) has since the Sixties been living and working in both London and New York, more or less dividing his time between these two great cities, developing a twin-track career. His exhibitions, accomplishments and friendships with other artists and critics on both sides of “the pond” are by turns numerous, impressive, and generous. Nevertheless, it is his large-scale and ambitious achievements on the canvas that make us particularly pleased to show Frank’s work in the forum of Poussin Gallery. His quest for a new and total “all over” form - by means of a simultaneously primitive and sophisticated endeavour – seems always to produce original results. There is no other painter who has covered so much ground in the field of the beautiful and controlled dispersal of paint across a surface. Then, too, there exists a formalising proclivity sometimes in Frank’s working processes, where swathes of mixed colour so intuitively arrived at are physically cut up or cut through and re-ordered within the pictorial rectangle, with a somewhat more detached (and perhaps mischievous?) judgement. All fascinating stuff, and part and parcel of Frank Bowling’s natural talent for painting, as demonstrated in these big and radiant new works.”

Robin Greenwood, 2008

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Catalogue relating to an exhibition, 2008

People in this exhibition

»  (Sir) Frank Bowling OBE, RA

Born, 1935 - 1937 (probably 1936) in British Guiana (now Guyana) Caribbean/S. America

Exhibition venues

»  Poussin Gallery

London, United Kingdom