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Religious art, in isolation (Vogue, December 1963)

Article relating to an individual, 1963
Published by: Vogue magazine
Year published: 1963
Number of pages: 2

image of Religious art, in isolation (Vogue, December 1963)

Fascinating two-page feature that appeared in the British Vogue magazine, December 1963. The piece - Religious art, in isolation - featured two artists, Goa, Indian-born Francis Souza, and Australia-born LeRoy de Maistre. Written by ‘P.L.’, the piece offered a fleeting look at the iconoclastic religious art of these two practitioners. references to Souza, in the text, as follows: “Francis Souza, is a figure who would be remarkable in any age. His paintings at their best howl silently with the horror of man in collision with an omnipotent God. One has to remember his bone-bred Catholic childhood in the wreck of Portuguese Goa. he says: “For me, blasphemy is a religion - in the sense of Genet’s The Balcony.” He is cut off by his brutal vision of the awesomeness of God - his work is far too strong for any church to show, and his paintings are only to be found in private collections.” The piece included a full-page colour portrait of Souza in his studio, with two paintings, Crucifixion, oil on canvas, 69 7/8 by 52 inches and St Francis.

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