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Pablo Lafuente

Born, 1976 in Spain

Pablo Lafuente had a letter published in Art Monthly 288 (July - August 2005), p. 17, titled Black to Black and White. Lafuente’s letter took issue with a letter that had been published in the previous issue of Art Monthly. Lafuente’s letter opened as follows: “In a letter published last month (AM 287), Alana Jelinek questioned the editor’s choice of Sally O’Reilly as a reviewer of Africa Remix at Hayward Gallery, as well as her approach to the exhibition, and her supposed inability to deal with the cultural and geographical issues raised by the selection of artists, as if, in Jelinek’s words, she was ‘overwhelmed by the foreign-ness of the project’.”

Lafuente’s letter also references a review of Africa Remix (quoted by O’Reilly) written by Jonathan Jones for the Guardian newspaper.

Pablo Lafuente is born in Spain in 1976. Pablo Lafuente is the managing editor of Afterall, a journal of contemporary art co-published by Central St. Martins College of Art, London and California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles. Afterall is published twice a year, and focuses on contemporary art practice in relation to artistic, theoretical, social and political contexts. He is currently developing a series of books for Afterall Books analysing the history of curatorial practice. He has curated several exhibitions, including Watch out “ it’s real! at greengrassi, London (2006) and Unit Structures at Lisboa 20, Lisbon (2006). In 2005 he edited the book Display: recent installation photographs from London galleries and venues (London: Rachmaninoff’s). His writing has been published in several art and culture magazines, including Flash Art, Art Monthly, frieze and The Wire, and in the volume Continuous Project no. 8, edited by Bettina Funcke (Paris: Les presses du réel, 2006). He is currently working on a PhD at Middlesex University on Jacques Ranciére and the relation between aesthetics and politics.

The above biographical summary was at www.oca.no/discourse/critical_practice_bios.shtml 16/7/09

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